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Friday, January 06, 2006

Dad and his girls at Ikea with their Gingerbread house for the decorating competition.

Sarah and Charlotte on Christmas morning. Coming out to see the doll house that Santa brought.

Dancing on the toddler version of "Dance Dance Revolution" -- Wiggles style.

Samantha and Grandmother (her mom) with Charlotte and Sarah. (Notice the strategy of tickling to get the smiles)

More work on our gingerbread house at Ikea. Everyone pitched in ... Samantha and I decorated while the girls ate the candy and pulled things off the house.

Christmas Day 2005 with the Stinson family.

Dad opening gifts.

Cindy, my sister-in-law, opening more gifts.

Nick, my nephew, enjoying a few days home from college.

Charlotte opening even more presents.

The kids can't keep away from Nick.

Nathan, my nephew, and Charlotte and Sarah looking over the balcony.

Kate listening to the kitchen conversation.

The girls are enjoying a book about Santa's evil twin. Merry Christmas 2005!
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